Sunday, April 9, 2017

FBARs are Due April 18th | Bethesda Tax Lawyer

Beginning this year, FBARs are due on tax day, April 15th, most years, and April 18th this year. If you cannot file by the deadline, for this year only, an automatic extension until October 18th will be provided. 

The FBAR is now filed electronically on the BSA website. You can find the form and filing instructions, here.

The penalties failing to file the FBAR are steep.  If you have any foreign accounts and do not think you are required to file; at least contact someone to verify that you are correct.

For a free phone consultation regarding the FBAR, or other tax matters, please contact the Law Office of Aaron P Richter,  a Bethesda-based law firm with expertise in Tax Controversy, Business Formation, Estate Planning, and Tax Preparation.

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